Council Tax Support

Council Tax is payable to the Local Authority (New Forest District Council) and is a property based tax.  If you are claiming certain benefits or are on a low income then you could be able to claim Council Tax Support.  This is the same whether you own your property or whether you are renting it.

Benefit related Council Tax Support

If you are receiving Pension Credit Guarantee (not Pension Credit Savings) you may get your Council Tax paid in full.  If you are receiving your State Pension, it could be worth letting us check whether you may qualify for Pension Credit, please read more about this benefit here.

If you are not receiving Pension Credit but have a low income with less than £16000 in savings, you may still qualify for a reduction in your Council tax so it is worth contacting your local Council to check this.

Other Council Tax Discounts and Exemptions

There are various other reasons why you could obtain a reduction in your Council Tax, these include but are not limited to;

- living in a property alone (this will give you a 25% reduction)

- if you are a carer

- if you have had certain adaptations carried out on your home to make it suitable for someone with a disability

- if you main residency is elsewhere

- if you or the person you are living with has a severe mental impairment (this includes dementia if Attendance Allowance or similar is being paid for that reason, please see our Attendance Allowance details here)

- if you are living with a person who is not your partner and they have a low income you can apply for a Second Adult Rebate

You will need to contact your Council to apply for any of these reductions, but if you require further information please feel free to contact the office on 023 80841199 between 10 and 1pm Monday to Friday

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