State Pension

The State Pension age has been slowly increasing and it is set to be age 66 by October 2020.  Trying to work out your correct State Pension age can be confusing, so if you would like us to assist, please give us a ring on 023 80841199 - we are open Monday - Friday from 10 to 1.

Will I automatically get my State Pension?

No, you will have to claim it.  You should however receive some information from the Pension Service approximately four months before your retirement date.  If you don't receive this when you reach three months to go then  you will need to contact the Pension Service (their telephone number is 0800 731 7898)

You can make a claim online, by phone or through the post.

How much State Pension will I receive?

Since April 2016 there have been two systems running alongside each other.  The basic State Pension and the new State Pension.  The one that applies to you will depend on when you reached State Pension age, whether it was before or after the new system came into force.

If you reached State Pension age before 6/4/2016 the basic State Pension will apply and this is £129.20.  This is the full amount, but can vary depending on the amount of contributions that you have made.  There is also Additional State Pension than can top up your basic State Pension.  This too can vary as its also based on contributions.

If you reached State Pension age on or after 6/4/2016 then the new State Pension will apply.  The full new State Pension is £168.60 per week.  Again this full pension is only paid dependent on your NI contributions.  The Additional State Pension no longer applies but you may get a 'top up' if you have Additional State Pension already built up under pre-2016 rules.

As you can see the State Pension is quite complex while there are two systems.  If you would like more information please call into our office or give us a ring on 023 80841199, and we can post out our information guide on State Pensions

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